“I recently changed providers so I could become a patient of Dr. Northrup. I had heard so many good things about her and she most definitely lived up to all I had heard! I have referred both of my children and my husband to Dr. Northrup and Northrup & Associates. I said to them that they will never find another group of providers that cares about them as people, not just patients. I highly recommend Northrup & Associates to anyone who needs to get established with a medical provider.”
– Martha
“I have visited Northrup & Associates a few times with various issues. Dr. Northrup is always so caring and really takes the time to listen to what I am feeling and saying. She has helped me by setting my mind at east on various concerns and treating me with respect. Dr. Northrup is amazing. She will spend any amount of time needed and makes me feel like she really cares. She takes time to get to know me personally and really wants to help. I would tell my friends to go to Northrup & Associates. The staff is very warm and welcoming. They are always smiling and happy to see you.”
- Natalie
“I sought a female family practitioner and doctor of Osteopathic medicine when I moved back to Lincoln in 2011. The person I found that met those criteria was Dr. Northrup. After an initial consultation I became one of her patients and have had extraordinary medical care. Dr. Northrup is a very empathetic and compassionate doctor. She exudes radiance and warmth.

Dr. Northrup encourages her patients to be active participants in the management of their health. Dr. Northrup spends a great deal of time with her patients. I have received lengthy and thorough explanations of my particular health challenges, as well as drawings and diagrams for clarification. She invites questions and is willing to do research when she needs further information to provide answers. Dr. Northrup has treated me as a whole person. Dr. Northrup is highly skilled and intuitive. When she feels it is warranted and in the best interests of her patients she is willing to make referrals to other medical practitioners. The quality of my life was improved in a myriad of ways by Dr. Northrup’s recommendation of two professionals who proffered medical advice, which was extremely beneficial to me. I highly recommend Northup & Associates. It is an outstanding medical practice filed with kind, caring people. By scheduling an appointment you would be making a very wise decision.”

– Patricia