What We Do

Complete Physicals

We conduct head to toe examinations for any of our patients. Most complete exams include things such as blood pressure and pulse checks, an examination of the head, eyes, ears and throat, a check of respiratory and cardiovascular functions, and lymphatic system. We also conduct annual exams or well women’s exams (which include a Pap smear) for female patients. We recommend an annual checkup to catch any ailments that may be lingering under the surface, before they present problems to your everyday activities. People involved in strenuous activities such as sports or running should also get regular physicals.

Acute care for illnesses/injuries

Our providers can treat a number of acute illnesses or injuries. We are trained to treat conditions such as bleeding, allergic reactions, breathing difficulties, broken bones, burns of any kind, contagious illnesses like shingles, urinary symptoms and the like. We can also treat more serious injuries such as abdominal or pelvic pain.  While these are typical conditions, we are not limited to them for care. Give us a call or come into the clinic and we will help you correctly identify symptoms and receive the correct treatment.


During a complete physical or if certain symptoms present themselves, we may perform an electrocardiogram or EKG test on a patient. This test checks for problems with the electrical activity of your heart. We use it to find the cause of acute chest pains and certain symptoms of heart disease like dizziness as well to ensure a patient’s heart is hypertrophied (when the heart chambers are too thick). We can also monitor implanted medical devices in the heart and the effect certain medicines may be having. If you have certain conditions such as high cholesterol or blood pressure, smoke or have a family history of diabetes or early heart disease, EKG testing can check heart health and prevent many problems before they start.


Northrup & Associates can provide many type of vaccinations as well as evaluate what vaccinations are necessary to travel to a different country. Vaccinations stimulate the production of antibodies to fight off a number of diseases. While flu shots are the most common, many adults (especially parents or grandparents) should get vaccinations commonly thought of as children’s shot like chicken pox or measles. If you’ve never had the chicken pox you run the risk of getting them from your children (or grandchildren, or neighborhood children). Many time these diseases are more severe when contracted as an adult.


Northrup & Associates has an in-house lab where we draw all of our blood work and lab tests. These include (but aren’t limited to) complete blood counts to check for anemia, checking electrolytes in patients suffering from malnutrition and urine tests to check the functions of the kidneys. Having an in-house lab ensures our patients get their results back faster so we may treat problem quickly and they can resume their daily routines. At the first sign of illness it is essential to contact your primary care physician to determine if any blood or lab work should be conducted.